Monday, May 18, 2009

You have to listen to this guy!

Ok, this guy's voice is amazing! He must have tons of octives. He may be gay but his voice is just great. Really, just listen to him sing "A Whole New World".

and yes that girl voice that takes you by surprise is him.

Writing: Don't Care Anyway

You don't know
That I'm not around
Why would you care anyway
Your off my trail

What makes her better?
Is it cause you can't have me?
Cause she's everything I'm not?
You must not care anyway

She tells you everything I do
No secrets for me to hide
Do I deserve this
After the steps I have made?

What makes her better?
Feels like a betrayal on me
Past is completely gone
You haven't cared anyway

If you want to play a game
Keep your fists down
Because I am out
I don't want to care anyway

What makes her better?
She doesn't see you like I do
I see the boy that I left behind
But what do you care anyway?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Writing: One Word, Clutch

Ok this one was hard I have no idea how I came up with all this...

His hand clutches mine. He is my wall. He keeps me grounded and standing tall. We walk out together hand in hand. Ready to face our doom, together. Cameras are flashing and news crewmen are screaming. He holds my hand tighter and we go into the unknown.

Writing: Stupid Boys

This needs some work, but it is basically a gathering of my thoughts. tell me how to fix it up my ficlets buds =).

Stupid boy
Doesn't realize
What is right infront of him
Doesn't see someone
Screaming out his name
Stays single
Never making a full move
Maybe afraid or just not seeing it

Stupid boy
Doesn't have a heart
Not heart to give
Wears his emotions on his sleeve
From one girl to another
No simpathy and without a care
Just wants a girl to call his
Doesn't realize what goes wrong
Until its to late

Stupid boy
Immaturity on the highest
Too carefree to understand
Too pushy to let go
Doesn't know when to stop
Doesn't know when it's over
Keeps going when its way over
So many friends that keep him joking

So many stupid boys
I know them all
All I can do is wait
Wait till they learn
To listen and to care
And to stop and just
Just look around

Writing: One Word, Saving

Looking at the pictures I saved for many years, I look at how much I've changed. How much I gained, how much have I lost. How much I have learned and what I regret. I realize that I wouldnt have my past go any other way.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Writing: One Word, Dusk

Ok, so I have been doing Elsha showed me this website =D. They give you a word and you have one minute to write something about it. When I can, I guess I will post to you what I write on here because I kinda like doing this lol. The word today was Dusk and I wrote:

Night. With the smell of bonfires and tiki lamps. The splash of a pool and the music of a party. The sight of a sun seting on the beach. The quiet of camping and staring up at the stars.

Ok so it's not that good, but I only had a minute to write it lol.
I wish I stood out
Just I like a rose
In a sea of daises
First thing to catch your eye

Tired of feeling
Just like a daisy
Still I stay the way
The only way I know

I want to be like a puppy
Learing new tricks
And living the moment
I feel like an old dog

I feel set in my ways
I used to be able to change
Now it feels tough
Rut is too deep

In the distance
I see unpredictablity
Soon I may get there
And change my ways